50 Passive Income Ideas

Passive income is a goal or dream for many people, but eludes some because they simply don’t know where to start, we are not taught in school how to generate passive income only how to get jobs as adults.

Most of us find ourselves running in the same rat race as everyone else wondering how we got there and if there is a way out in this video, we are sharing lists of 50 passive income ideas to get financial freedom and independence.

50 Passive Income Ideas

1. Affiliate Marketing website;

2. Create digital products;

3. Micro, investing;

4. Angel investor;

5. Lead generation website;

6. Invest in index, Fund;

7. Develop a podcast and sell your own Informational products;

8. Refer friends to great products;

9. Sell an ebook online;

10. Create an application;

11. Create a course on Udemy;

12. Create a WordPress theme and sell it;

13. Invest in a real estate, investment trust;

14. Create and sell digital files on Etsy;

15. Invest in annuities;

16. Create a niche membership site;

17. Invest in vending machines;

18. High yield savings, accounts and money market Funds;

19. Renting out your tools;

20. Advertisement hoarding on home or building;

21. Network marketing;

22. Run a site with display ads;

23. Invest in mutual funds;

24. Create an online course;

25. Invest in automatic car wash system;

26. If you’ve old home, then rent your old home;

27. Rent out ads space on your vehicle;

28. Make passive income in rental properties;

29. Selling on Amazon, Fba program;

30. Selling stock photos;

31. CD laddering;

32. Become a business partner;

33. Building a niche affiliate website;

34. Crowdfunded real estate;

35. Create a graphics bundle and sell it online;

36. Refinance your mortgage;

37. Kindle book sales;

38. Buy a blog;

39. Invest in dividend; stocks;

40. Instagram sponsored posts;

41. Licensing, music;

42. Digital product sales on Fiverr;

43. Flipping domain names;

44. Annuities;

45. Drop shipping business;

46. Creating a blog or website;

47. Start a youtube channel

48. Invest in laundromat;

49. Start peer-to-peer lending;

50. Rent out your car.

Anybody can start building wealth at any time from anywhere. All it takes is to have the right ideas and desire to take action on what you know or learn. You can start building your way up to financial freedom, like many others have done.


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