ConnectAudience: Email Retargeting Campaigns on Facebook – REVIEW

ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience review: it is a powerful platform that allows you to run email retargeting campaigns on Facebook Social Media Network.


If you want to retarget people who opened your email but didn’t click on a link? Easy with ConnectAudience.

If you want to retarget people that didn’t open your email yet? No problem with this tool.

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This is possible because ConnectAudience syncs your subscriber lists directly into a Facebook Custom Audience inside your Advertising account and  it is 100% approved by Facebook.

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  3. The Author – Wilco de Kreij

ConnectAudience Overview

  • Product    : ConnectAudience
  • Vendor     : Wilco de Kreij
  • Sale Page :
  • Price        : $47/m -$297/y
  • Bonus      : Yes

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(30 days refund 100%, no questions asked)

What is ConnectAudience

This is a powerful platform that allows you to run email retargeting campaigns on Facebook Social Media Network.

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ConnectAudience Review

Connectaudience shows that furthermore, not only can you produce an list that is e-mail of all on your own but also develop a retargeting campaign on Twitter just for them. This method usually takes about an full hour, since you need certainly to go through many steps. However with this pc software, there is just less than a minute.

ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience review: How does it work

In this ConnectAudience Review article, I will show you how to used this product to create a campaign targeting the subscriber lists:

  1. Step 1: Get access to ConnectAudience and create name of the campaign.
  2. Step 2: Choose the list of subscribers you want to target in “Filter” bar.
  3. Step 3: There will be “Audience size” bar appearing, so that you can see the number of subscribers you are targeting. => Choose “yes” or “no” for the question “Do you want to publish to Facebook”. => and also the boxes “I agree to the Facebook Custom Audiences Terms”. => and “ Update this audience on a daily basis.”
  4. Step 4: Set time for the update in step 3. => Click “Create Audience”, then see “Status” bar and keep track to the campaign.

Watch Demo Video

ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience Review

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 (30 days refund 100%, no questions asked)

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ConnectAudience’s Features

ConnectAudience Review

Build Laser Targeted and/or Segmented Audiences

It’s easier to create unique audiences from your auto-responder lists based on criteria or preferences that you set depending on your subscribers’ actions with virtually endless possibilities.

It is no easier way to set-up and manage ultra-targeted custom audiences and FaceBook advertising campaigns from your subscriber lists.

You can target any segment of your email list in a matter in a minutes

ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience Review
ConnectAudience Review
ConnectAudience Review
ConnectAudience Review
ConnectAudience Review
ConnectAudience Review

connectaudience review

ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience review – Advantages

The thing that is best about any of it product is anyone can make use of it. Regardless of you are a beginner, seasoned Twitter marketer, or even a company that is tiny, you can make use of ConnectAudience. It is very simple to use and ideal to any promotions. 

Besides, I think its concept is simple but very dynamic. Even it may need countless actions to finish if you’re able to think about targeting your mailing lists of readers by Facebook campaigns. But with this pc software, you’ll fit the procedure enduring about 1 hour to a moment. So time that is much saved, and you can work on other more significant tasks. 

ConnectAudience review – Disadvantages 

ConnectAudience has just developed on Facebook. I do believe it’s going to satisfy my needs if it could distribute through Twitter or Pinterest as time goes on.

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ConnectAudience allows you easily create “email behavioral” Custom Audiences for FaceBook retargeting campaigns in relation to your e-mail customers’ actions as opening your emails, click your links, donate to several lists and more…Must have actually device for just about any email that is serious who wants to increase conversions with laser targeted Facebook adverts.

People review ConnectAudience

ConnectLeads Review

connectaudience review

Use ConnectAudience with ConnectSuite software for better!

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ConnectSuite full software and tool

Start Increasing Your Sales
From Your Subscriber Lists… Starting Today!

Get full access to ConnectAudience for less than a cup of coffee per day…

Wilco de Kreij

Wilco de Kreij

videomakerfx review

(30 days refund 100%, no questions asked)

The Author: Wilco de Kreij

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ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience Review

ConnectAudience Review

 videomakerfx review

(30 days refund 100%, no questions asked)

Frequently Asked Questions- ConnectAudience Review

– Are my email addresses and data secure?

All information is gathered as hashed/encrypted information via API, that will be managed between your autoresponder account and Facebook. Easily put, we’re not keeping or sending the email that is actual to Facebook. The data is transported directly from your own autoresponder provider. This ensures security that is maximum Facebook’s strict criteria.

– Is ConnectAudience fully compliant with Facebook?

Yes, ConnectAudience is 100% approved by Twitter™ as well as in complete compliance having its TOS.
Our development team underwent a rigorous, really procedure that is thorough meet Facebook™’s criteria in order to access its advertising platform API.

– I already have and use re-targeting.. what’s the difference?

You’ll only target centered on what people do on your internet site once we describe above with this web page, with normal web-based re-targeting. The truth is that only a little percentage of people will click on the links of this you can capture and re-target just a little portion of the customer base utilizing standard re-targeting which you send out via e-mail, meaning.

There isn’t any genuine option to capture and re-target readers who don’t click on any of your links, for example. With e-mail re-targeting as well as the abilities you can get with ConnectAudience, it’s simple to re-target to your complete customer listings, using a selection of settings and choices.

– How much do I have to spend on Facebook Ads in order to get results?

The part that is most beneficial about that marketing strategy is that you can make great earnings while keepin constantly your ad spends low. Keep in mind, you’re just targeting segments of your lists, maybe not huge variety of FB™ users, so your audiences will likely to be small. Which means your advertising cost won’t be so much to get the impressions that you’ll require for this strategy to work.

Relate to our research study above with this web page, where in actuality the ad that is entire was just $7 to web $1485 in commissions. That’s some effective ROI.

– I’m just starting out and my lists are very small. Will this work for me?

Positively. We still suggest ConnectAudience if you’re just starting out building your lists! To help you optimize your earnings from your brand new leads since it will immediately provide you with the capability to start re-targeting your new customers.
This provides you the capacity to enjoy better paychecks faster, thus giving you more resources to market with, and build also bigger listings! We cover this into the training to exactly show you tips on how to do it!

– Does this work with all autoresponders?

ConnectAudience integrates with many autoresponders, although not all. Unfortuitously there are autoresponders which do not offer the technology necessary to get this to ongoing work(yet), and that’s why some autoresponders haven’t been integrated yet.

Here is a list of autoresponders that are integrated with ConnectAudience review:

ActiveCampaign; Campaign Monitor; Aweber; Constant; Contact; GetResponse; Mailchimp; SendReach; iContact; Autorespond; Drip; EmailOne; Enormail; GoToWebinar; Hubspot; Infusionsoft; MadMini; MailerOne; Ontraport; UpViral; Interspire; BombBomb; TPNI Engage (continually adding) 

– What if I don’t have anything to sell? What can I use ConnectAudience for?

There are a selection of web sites, CPA offers, and other affiliate products/services as you are able to profitably promote connectLeads which are using. You don’t even need to have your product that is very own to it pay off for you. After you have a customer list in a niche that is sure you can start marketing several other products and services to your subscribers!

Wilco de Kreij If you are not completely satisfied, within 30 days, the Vendor will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked

Originally posted 2021-09-30 20:17:18.


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