ConnectAutomate Review – Best Tool Create Social Media Campaigns

ConnectAutomate Review

ConnectAutomate Review

ConnectAutomate review: If you’re sick and tired of wasting your hard-earned money on Facebook Ads that don’t convert, maybe it’s time to…

ConnectAutomate Review

Discover how a revolutionary new tool can help you legally & ethically “hijack” Facebook’s multi-billion dollar AI infrastructure, and use it grow your following, increase engagement & boost sales.
ConnectAutomate will help you run more facebook that is profitable while saving plenty of personal time. It’s super easy and user friendly, and Wilco keeps it updated. If something changes within the platform, they’re right on top of it. Do it, and begin operating Facebook that is lucrative advertising once more.

Video Introduce ConnectAutomate

  1. ConnectAutomate Oveview
  2. ConnectAutomate Review
  3. The Author – Wilco de Kreij

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  • 8/10
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ConnectAutomate Overview

  • Product    : ConnectAutomate
  • Vendor     : Wilco de Kreij
  • Sale Page :
  • Price        : $47/m -$297/y
  • Bonus      : Yes

  • 9/10
    USEFUL - 9/10
  • 8/10
    FEATURE - 8/10
  • 9/10
    EASY TO USE - 9/10



videomakerfx review

(30 days refund 100%, no questions asked)

What is ConnectAutomate

A Simple-To-Use Tool That Uses The Power Of Facebook’s Infrastructure To Turn Your Best Performing Posts Into Ads – On Autopilot

To be more particular, it looks into one’s body and discover the posts out with the greatest engagement and transforms it into ads.  By this way, in place of wasting cash on inadequate posts, now your investment will go to your articles that are right which could bring about sales.

With ConnectAutomate you can

There are 3 main things that ConnectAutomate helps you:

  • Many thing that is excited to many other tools, is the fact that they constantly create things that resolve a real problem for marketers.
  • The second thing it really is that i enjoy is how simple to use. It is super user-friendly, and I really imply that.
  • The thing that is 3rd the customer help. It’s fast, it’s professional also it’s marketing-centered. They’re always here to greatly help.

ConnectAutomate review: How does it work


In this ConnectAutomate Review article, I will show you how to used this product, watch video below:

Demo Video how does ConnectAutomate work

ConnectAutomate functions monitoring your Facebook posts in all platforms – be it a video clip, an image, a web site link and sometimes even an text that is ordinary.

The application has the capacity to try this by complementing information obtained from Twitter Insights with its computer software that is own to your top-rated, best-performing posts on Facebook.

These posts are then turned and screened into adverts which suit your company objectives and objectives.

All you’ve got doing is link your Facebook account with the software and set your rules up in four simple steps.

videomakerfx review

 (30 days refund 100%, no questions asked)

ConnectAutomate’s Features

  • Turn best-performing posts into ads

ConnectAutomate turns your articles which are acting most useful into advertisements. With the design that is rule-based you’re no stress since the highest-engaged articles are regarding the list for ads-submission.

  • Save massive time and money

As previously mentioned, this pc software is automatic; it filters the body to learn the very best articles with all the engagement that is highest. No actual work that is hard required, so you can save yourself many hours and allocate valued time to many other important tasks.

Besides, after transforming articles to adverts, ConnectAutomate manages and monitors to make certain to maximize conversion. Now could be gone the proper time of non-performing advertisements. This device shall make your hard earned money used efficiently than ever before.

  • The right content for the right audience at the right time

ConnectAutomate will search and target the prospects at the stages associated with the buyer’s journey. You will no longer have to concern yourself with ‘cold’, ‘warm’, or’ that is‘hot, etc. as this computer software is going to do that for you.

In other words, ConnectAutomate will deliver the right content to your right people at the most time that is suitable.

ConnectAutomate review

ConnectAutomate review

ConnectAutomate Review

ConnectAutomate saves you against the pain of manually having to look for your many articles that are interactive Facebook.

You are helped because of it to make these articles into effective advertisements. This saves a whole large amount of time and energy – which really is a luxury if you are a businessman.

ConnectAutomate offers you a whole lot of benefits like the assurance that the ads are reaching your customers.

By allowing you to set particular rules intended for filtering individuals who can view a post that is specific you may be guaranteed that the advertisements are definitely reaching your market.

As a business owner, you may constantly have to make use of Ads Manager to push your posts if you’d like to post in your Facebook web page.

Now, utilising the Ads Manager just isn’t a simple task you to definitely have some basic technology skills which you may not have as it requires. Moreover, producing advertisements and utilizing adverts supervisor are expensive and time-consuming.

ConnectAutomate is the solution to this and sure-shot a choice that is great your Facebook adverts.

ConnectAutomate review – Pros

  • 100% user-friendly;
  • Rule-based software
  • Automatically recognize the finest post to turn into ads;
  • Time-saving;
  • Money-saving;
  • Deliver the right content to the right people at the right time;
  • It is easy to use;
  • You can connect the App with multiple pages;
  • Highly effective;
  • The automatic update feature is fantastic;
  • Great Customer Support.

ConnectAutomate  review – Cons

  • Monthly or yearly fee;
  • May seem expensive to some;
  • The cheaper version has limited feature.

In summary, Facebook ads to your work will soon be much easier with ConnectAutomate. The product immediately brings the performing content that is better to your publicity it deserves.

You are able to give consideration to investing a small amount of cash for ConnectAutomate to save lots of a investment that is significant on non-performing adverts, then there you go to decide.

People review ConnectAutomate

review ConnectAutomate


review ConnectAutomate


review ConnectAutomate

Who need ConnectAutomate?

  • Affiliate marketers;
  • Bloggers;
  • Product owners;
  • Product promoters;
  • Campaign marketers;
  • Facebook page manager;
  • And more.

Use ConnectAutomate with ConnecSuite software for better!

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ConnectSuite full software and tool

A Simple-To-Use Tool That Uses The Power Of Facebook’s Infrastructure To Turn Your Best Performing Posts Into Ads – On Autopilot

Get full access to ConnectAtomate for less than a cup of coffee per day…

ConnectAutomate ConnectAutomate


videomakerfx review

(30 days refund 100%, no questions asked)

The Author: Wilco de Kreij

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videomakerfx review

(30 days refund 100%, no questions asked)

Wilco de Kreij If you are not completely satisfied, within 30 days, the Vendor will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked

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