ConnectRetarget Review: Run Retargeting FB Campaigns SkyRocket

ConnectRetarget Review

ConnectRetarget Review

ConnectRetarget review: Run Retargeting Campaigns based on how people behave on your website.

ConnectRetarget is a completely featured Retargeting Software designed to serve SMEs, Startups. ConnectRetarget provides solutions being end-to-end for Windows. This Retargeting that is online system at one place.

All causing better conversions, higher ROI at lower ad costs. Need tool for just about any serious Facebook Advertiser.

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Video Introduce ConnectRetarget

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  2. ConnectRetarget Review
  3. The Author – Wilco de Kreij

ConnectRetarget Overview

  • Product    : ConnectRetarget
  • Vendor     : Wilco de Kreij
  • Sale Page :
  • Price        : $47/m -$297/y
  • Bonus      : Yes

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    USEFUL - 9/10
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    EASY TO USE - 9/10



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(30 days refund 100%, no questions asked)

What is ConnectRetarget

ConnectRetarget Review

ConnectRetarget is a new cloud-based platform to run Behavioral Retargeting Campaigns on FaceBook based upon your site visitors’ actions.

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Imagine that you can only retarget visitors who saw your sales page, scrolled down to the bottom and invest at minimum also 2 min’s on your web page.

Those visitors are really interested in your product and hence more eager to buy.

Now, with ConnectRetarget you can drill down & filter just your most engaging/interesting visitors in to the custom that is ideal to retarget to.

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Software Laser Targets Your Marketing For Position ROI Every Time:

  • Get more traffic, increase engagement and boost conversions – there are MULTIPLE audience templates for you to plug in and use to engage your target audience;
  • Simple integration with your FaceBook ads account – our platform makes it easy to target your pre-selected audiences and set up powerful ad campaigns;
  • Make Your Own custom audiences – with our intuitive drop-down filters, you can create your own targeted user groups based on specific behaviours.

ConnectRetarget review

With ConnectRetarget you can

  • Send the right message to the right person at the right time for more leads, sales and profits;
  • Connect with your HOTTEST prospects to maximize your ROI with behavior-based retargeting: The Connect Retarget platform INCLUDES multiple pre-made audience templates. Just select any template and your target audience is automatically created for you;
  • Create your very own custom audiences with our intuitive Drop-Down Interface;
  • Create an unlimited number of custom audiences so you can run laser Targeted Campaigns that convert like never before.

ConnectRetarget review: How does it work

In this ConnectRetarget Review article, I will show you how to used this product, watch video below:

Demo Video how does ConnectRetarget work

Above all, as soon as you log into your ConnectRetarget account, you’d need to copy your ConnectRetarget Power Pixel unto your internet site or e-commerce store, since it works with any site platform or ecommerce shop out there.

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Once you’ve copied your power pixel unto your website, all is set. There after, ConnectRetarget will likely then automatically go ahead to start capturing and note that is using of the behavioral information of your visitors and delivering them over to Twitter.

From this time on, then you’re able to retarget your audience predicated on every task that is solitary on your own site and exactly how your visitors were able to relate with your website and salespage.

To create a retargeting campaign up, you merely need to choose your Facebook Ads account, and the url you wish to target then, you choose the section of your audience that you’d like to achieve.

ConnectRetarget review

Now, here comes among the beauty section of ConnectRetarget, whenever starting your retargeting campaign, you’ll elect to target a portion that is specific of audience, and you also have whole lot of information and segmentation at your disposal which may enable you to perfectly target those that matters while avoiding time wasters and those that aren’t ever planning to buy from you.

It is possible to set your ConnectRetarget up to target these potential customers centered on how long they remained on your website for instance, and the as how deep they strolled straight down on your own page showing exactly how engaged they are really in exactly what you’re providing

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 (30 days refund 100%, no questions asked)

ConnectRetarget’s Features

  • Cloud-based. Therefore you can get access on both Pc and Mac, and on any device with net connection.
  • Effective Menu and also User Interface. This software is quite simple to use, no experience needed.
  • Simple integration with your FaceBook ads account.
  • Create Unlimited Custom Audiences. Just choose one of the built-in templates or make your own with the intuitive drop-down filters.
  • Advanced Filters: Time on-site, Scrolled Percentage, Browser Language, Referral Source, Quantity of Visits, Date of Visit, Visiting Device, Quantity of Sessions, and UTM Campaign data.
  • Exclusive Fb Retargeting Training and also training videos.
  • 4 extra Bonuses about Facebook ads and retargeting.
  • Fully integrated with Fb API; fully compliant with Facebook Terms of service.

ConnectRetarget Review

Using ConnectRetarget, users can utilize the now power of retargeting to be sure they’ve been completely optimising their sites’ conversions. Since the marketing saying goes, “folks seldom buy from you 7 times or more”,ConnectRetarget works away from you before they hear
Directly with this concept and makes sure that your products or services is exactly what involves the minds of purchasers appropriate when they are about to make a purchase choice.

ConnectRetarget review – Pros

All kinds could be set by you of focusing on, based on page checked out, time they used on page, from where they are coming, technology they normally use. Many people will state you can do all that within Twitter, thing is, Connectio provides more capability that is focusing on time is money. Applying this tool, you handle numerous records, within one dashboard. You will need this when you do Facebook ads.

The function that is favorite the capability to retarget considering amount of engagement on an ad.

ConnectRetaget review – Cons

Monthly or yearly fee

In summary, ConnectRetarget has proven it self to become a highly useful and perhaps, really tool that is essential anybody intent on optimising their Facebook advertising results. Everything in the device is made for the beginner that is complete does not need any professional Facebook marketing experience to utilize.

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review ConnectAudience

Who need ConnectRetarget?

  1. Current retargeters who want to maintain their competitive edge and increase conversion results on every campaign;
  2. e-Commerce vendors who want to turn tire kickers into purchasers and Increase sales;
  3. Product sellers looking to give prospects many chances to get what’s on offer;
  4. Affiliate and also CPA marketers promoting quality products who need to maximize Return on investment on their campaigns;
  5. List builders and also bloggers who need to convert site visitors into profitable leads;
  6. Social Media Marketers looking to grow their following and also viral traffic;
  7. Anyone NEW to retargeting wanting the simplest way to exploit this powerful form of marketing.


Use ConnectRetarget with ConnectSuite software for better!

ConnectRetarget review

ConnectSuite full software and tool

To SKYROCKET Profits With An Automated 384% Conversion Boost On Your Offers

Get full access to ConnectRetarget for less than a cup of coffee per day…

review ConnectRetarget

review ConnectRetarget

videomakerfx review

(30 days refund 100%, no questions asked)

The Author: Wilco de Kreij

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ConnectRetarget Review

ConnectRetarget Review

ConnectRetarget Review

ConnectRetarget Review

videomakerfx review

(30 days refund 100%, no questions asked)

Frequently Asked Questions- ConnectRetarget Review

– How does the software increase my conversions and profits?

It uses behavior that is state-of-the-art segmentation … so you can create specific audiences on the basis of the exact actions your website visitors take.
What this means is you can serve highly targeted adverts which speak straight to individuals who are particular. Meaning a drastically higher transformation price, while additionally reducing your advertisement expenses

– I’ve never retargeted before … will this work for me?

Absolutely! Because powerful as the application is, it is also the way that is easiest to take advantage of retargeting. The included training shows anybody – even complete beginners – step-by-step how to use the software and produce campaigns which are effective.

– Any risk of having my Facebook ads account shut down?

Perhaps not by using the computer software – we’ve worked straight with all the Facebook development team therefore the pc software is 100% compliant. Of course you’ll still need certainly to ensure your ads are compliant but this really is all covered inside your advertisements being FB account.

– Will this work on my Mac?

Positively – the software is cloud-based so that it runs perfectly on any operating system. As long as you’ve got an connection that is internet you’re good to go.

– I already run retargeting campaigns. How is this different?

Traditional retargeting is very– that is limited, it treats everyone who visited your website and left the identical. Meaning you deliver the exact same ads up to a range that is wide of. This translates into reduced conversions and an entire many more investment property on screening and advertisement creation.
With ConnectRetarget, you obtain hyper-targeted audiences predicated on particular actions. In order to produce very specific ads in line with the kind of individual targeting that is you’re. You save cash by maybe not chasing kickers which can be tire and explode your conversions by reconnecting along with your most involved traffic.

– I don’t have my own products but promote affiliate offers. Will this work for me?

Yes, you deliver to your target audiences because you have actually complete control over exactly what link. Numerous affiliates used retargeting effectively to increase sales … ConnectRetarget sets these total outcomes on steroids.

Wilco de Kreij If you are not completely satisfied, within 30 days, the Vendor will refund 100% of your money, no questions asked

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