How To Make Money On Youtube Without Making Videos

Make Money On Youtube

So how do you make money on Youtube without making videos? I’m talking a hundred dollars per day up to 500 per day without even making the videos. Now you might not know me, but i have multiple Youtube businesses that i have in the background.

That runs all automated for me, where I don’t even make the videos. Now i’m making anywhere from ten to thirty thousand dollars per month and in this video i wanted to share with you step by step, exactly how you can do this as well.

Not even original content, just take videos from Youtube and re-upload them, and then they can monetize that and make money with it. You might think, is this legal? Well, yes, it is legal as long as it falls under fair use.

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I’m gonna show you two example channels where one makes over 14 million views and the other is not even speaking English, so stay tuned and the general overview of this is to go to Youtube, download videos and then re-upload those videos and Monetize those videos pretty simple and i’m, going to show you everything in six steps right now, starting with number one which is to create the channel.

So, first, just if you have a google account, if you have a gmail, all you need to do is to go to Youtube, sign in and make your account now. If you want to make multiple Youtube accounts, you can actually use the same exact, gmail or google account to make multiple accounts.

So you don’t have to remember more passwords or get lost, or all of that step number two is to select a niche. This is very important because it dictates how much money you’re, going to make. If you’re, making a kids channel niche, you’re, going to have a way lower, CPM aka cost per thousand views and gonna get a lot lower, uh revenue from that compared to, if you have a financial channel, you’re gonna make a way higher CPM, and you can probably think why, because the audience has more money, they’re grown-ups.

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Make Money On Youtube

They have a wallet with a card in it, which is better for advertisers. Some niches i recommend for beginners is finance luxury, top 10 meditation tech or scary. Now, after picking a niche, it’s very important that you have the logo image, look very awesome and cool, and then a header across the top to make the channel look way more professional.

I know you’re going to re-upload videos, so it’s very important that you look professional and that this looks like a real awesome Youtube channel. So let me show you a couple of channels, so this one is the first one which is called top five best, and you know it’s, a top 10 channel.

You’ve, seen this before right and they’re. Making you know 20 000 up to 175 000 per month, with 14 million views the last 30 days they’re, making anywhere from you know 600 dollars up to five thousand dollars per day.

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That is absolutely amazing and they’re. Not even making their own videos the same with this channel that’s, not even English. So if you think that hey, i have to be English to do this, you can check out this channel called the riddle with three d’s, and if you also like triple d’s drop a like right now, but, as you Can see uh nine thousand dollars up to eighty three thousand dollars per month? Gaining 7 million views the last 30 days and he’s easily, making a full-time living without even making the content himself now step number three is going to be to get monetized now.

This is one that people think about a lot, which is to get 1 000 subscribers and to get 4 000 watch hours now. This is not very hard, and the timeline you should be looking for is about one to three months.

After that, you can apply to the monetization program and get approved to get monetized. Then you’ll, get ads on your actual videos and you can start making money with it. Step number four is to get the actual content itself.

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You can get this from two different sources and the first one is youtube itself, so you can go on youtube and you can pretty much download any video on there with third party sources now. The thing is that you have to fall under fair use, which means that you have to make it transformative to not get copyright striked.

The second way is to go to copyright free directories such as pixabay, unsplash or These are all free. If you want a paid service that’s like 16 a month, i think storyblocks is a great solution for those videos.

Make Money On Youtube

This channel right here called brainy dose actually just post these images that is literally just zooming in while having narration on. In the background, and he’s, getting hundreds of thousands of views, as you can see.

Also, if you want more money, you can put a link in the description to affiliate programs that help people out even more than your free content. The affiliate pages. I recommend the most is clickbank. or the amazon associates program. Just drop some links in the description you can make even more money like that. Now, don’t worry. I’m, going to show you how to edit the video. So i’m, going to show you how to get attention grabbing thumbnails and how to upload all of it.

So stick with me on this video it doesn’t cost anything at all. Also, if you appreciate this content drop a like step, number five is going to be to optimize the video you have to praise the youtube algorithm gods, and with this you have to have a awesome title description, tags, thumbnail and subtitles with this.

It tells youtube algorithm that your video is irrelevant and they’re, going to recommend you on the sidebar and what you want to happen is to have a playback loop, meaning that if they go on your channel and you have similar metadata, they will Get into this content loop, where they watch your videos again and again and again you’ve, probably seen that you know where the video up next is yours always, and you get a ton more views like that.

An easy way to do this is to go to download their free extension or the tool. Vid iq also really good, and they’re, going to help you with optimizing. All of that step. Number six put ads on your video before you had to have the video over 10 minutes to put more ads in the video.

Now you can actually have eight minutes on the video in order to put ads so make your video over eight minutes and you can put ad breaks, and i recommend that you do every two minutes. So you have a ad in the beginning of the video.

After the video, then every two minutes, so that means, if you have an eight minute long video it’s. Gon na be two minutes. Four minutes six minutes and at the end, so you have all of those ads and you’ll.

Make a lot more money from that, so you made it to the end of the six steps, but there’s, still more, that you might not know, and that’s. Why i put together the top five secrets you can use to grow faster on youtube secret number.

One is to edit your videos. This is very important if you take content from youtube, you have to edit them and clip them together, so it doesn’t, look like the video you just downloaded, and even a better practice is to do narration.

On top of the video this you do through, if you don’t, have a beautiful sexy voice, but i know you have a beautiful sexy ones. It doesn’t even matter. So all you need to do with a beautiful voice of yours is: take your phone up to your mouth and start reading.

Whatever hey guys today, i’m, going to show you the top 10 facts about underwater basket, weaving secret number two. How often should you post well, the recommendation is to post one video every single day.

If you do two videos per day, the algorithm has to pick between one or two videos on where it should show on the home page and with that you can actually make two different youtube channels and post on both at the same time and you’ll have a way better recommendation in the youtube algorithm secret number.

Make Money On Youtube

Three thumbnails, one of the most important things in youtube is click through rate, meaning if they show your video on the home page and you get a great click-through rate on that video. It’s, more likely to recommend it out to more people, but what is a good click-through rate? A great click-through rate is above 10, but you should aim for anywhere between six percent.

Up to eight percent is quite normal. In the beginning, you can actually get way higher, but, as you scale is going to go, lower and lower and lower because it’s recommending it to you know, hundreds of thousands of people you don’t need photoshop in order to Make thumbnails you can use a tool called.

You can also use an online tool called canva that i’m. A really big fan of all completely for free and a quick tip is that some of the best thumbnails has a red arrow, as well as a red circle, so see how you can implement that in your videos as well.

Secret number four is to look at the analytics. Every time you publish a video, you have a 10 dashboard, meaning the last 10 videos. How well did that video perform against your last 10. from those 10.

You should heavily optimize on the two best ones, so you can make your next video go as well as your best performing video or even better than your best performing video secret number five is to increase audience retention and watch time audience retention is how much of A percentage people watch the entire video meaning if it’s a 10 minute and they watch 5 minutes of that.

That means 50 percent view duration. A great tip for this is to have an open loop, where you tell them a and then you don’t, tell them b immediately, but later in the video sort of like a cliffhanger in a movie or tv series on a 10 minute long.

Video, you should aim to have more than 60 average retention rate of that video. If you have 60 average attention – and you have a six percent click-through rate – you have both those stats. It’s, a very high likelihood of your video going viral.

So you made it to the last secret: did you get any value from this video and also i have a question for you. When are you going to get started with this and if you’re gonna get started, would you rather do it all completely by yourself, or would you want to have somebody help you and guide you alongside you on this journey, because if you Pick the second option: i am glad to introduce to take off 2.

0, the 50 new year’s special. This is going to be a 30-day youtube automation challenge without showing your face. If you want to show your face, you can join, but we’re majorly, going to focus on no face youtube, automation, business so get your entire youtube automation.

Business set up in the next 30 days, no experience knowing what to say or being comfortable on video required inside of the tube takeoff 2.0. Here’s. What tube takeoff can do for you? We’re, going to get you to select the best niche, and i’m, going to show you 57 inches and 259 example channels proven to work with my system.

You’re gonna get that as well as week. Two we’re gonna generate no face content and there’s, a bad side with personal brand channels, which i have to dress up. I have to look nice shave. My beard make my hair and come up with jokes on the spot and that does not sound like i’m running a business.

That sounds more like i’m going on a date, and i know that most of you guys definitely don’t want to go on a date. You know three times a week or every day, so i got you all covered with generating no face content week number three: we’re gonna make eight times more money, so most people think that youtube adsense is where you make the majority of The money well that couldn’t be further from the truth.

This channel that you’re watching right now. In december i made about two thousand seven hundred dollars, while i made eight times more money through other revenue sources that i ‘ Ll show you in this week right here and we’re gonna set you up with a back-end strategy.

So you don’t have to rely on youtube adsense. You know, because that’s just ridiculous week. Number four: we’re gonna do automate and scale. So here we talk about how to get the automation team to create the video idea, the script, the thumbnail, the voice acting and the editing all done for you.

So you can truly make passive income and you know, relax on the beach or have the freedom to do whatever you want, and that is my reason why i love the freedom that this allows me to do so that’s. The four weeks we’re gonna go through each every week we’re gonna have a zoom mastermind.

Where i go and teach you a bunch of stuff and then you do a couple of things and we get all of this set up together. Now i’m, also going to have a 13 000 worth of fast action bonuses you get for free.

So bonus number one is going to be the perfect video script and template. So here i have four templates that you can literally copy and paste use. These templates abuse these templates and get some high watch time.

Videos with this and get started very fast bonus number two is going to be the 57 tube takeoff niches. Now i’m gonna trash some of my competitors right here, because when people say 57 and youtube niches, or something like that, these are proven fact checked and you’ll, see it inside and most other competitors.

They do this. Oh, i’m, going to show you, you know 500 niches, and then they click on this right here and then they just copy all this acne and skin care and alcohol on earth and baby lotion and like that and just copy this, and then They’re, like hey, i got 250 niches.

Make Money On Youtube

You can get started with youtube: hey nah, that’s, not true that’s, not real. These are all proven with examples, and that’s. You’re gonna find that in the next bonus, which is 259 example channels. So here i have the document i can ‘

T really show you this, but as a youtube viewer. I love watching no face videos and i literally watch youtube. Every single day i’m quite addicted. I’ve, been addicted to youtube, since i was like 13 years old, i’m 26 now so i’ve, been over 10 years.

I’ve, been a heavy youtube watcher. Every time i find a new youtube niche without showing your face, i just literally plop it right into this document right here, so i’m, going to show you right now and i can ‘

T really show you this, but all of these right here they’re uncategorized, because sometimes i just plopping in and then i categorize them later. But all the text you see right here, except the bold, is actual youtube channels that are making money with this without showing their face, and some of them i’ve, actually showed on the youtube channel.

The majority i actually haven’t made videos about on this channel, but, as you can see, we’re just scrolling for days here of 200. I counted them 259 niches there’s actually a little bit more. Now. All of these right here, actually top 10 channels and scary stories.

We have here life hacks and what my goal for this is is to. When i was young. I wanted to be a guitarist, because i found a role model when i saw slash play guns and roses on the stage. I was like. Oh man that looks so awesome.

He’s, my role model now and ever since that day, i wanted to become like him that’s. What i wanted to happen to you, where you check out these youtube channels, examples without showing your face, and you’re, finding your role model channel so that’s.

Bonus number three! You’re gonna get all that for free. There’s, instant access to this and bonus number four, and i’ve stacked on a lot of value here, for you guys. So i really hope that you enjoy this pose number four is going to be the first 1 000 sub snowball shortcut getting to a thousand subscribers getting to 4 000 watch hour.

It’s, the most important for beginners, because they want to get monetized, and here i have five shortcuts that you can use. I ‘ Ve tried a lot of them. I’ve, actually gotten rid of a couple of them, because there are like hundreds of ways.

You can promote your channel to get more views, but there are some that are better than others. I’ll. Give you only the five best ones right now. Also i’m going to give you a bonus number five. It’s the four week action plan, so we’re, going to talk a lot more about this.

If you grow join the um 25 spots, that’s open and available and uh bonus, number six is going to be 25 high. Paying affiliate program list so here is literally pretty much all the best affiliate programs that i could find and give to you guys in all different niches.

So you can make a ton more money than with just adsense right here. So you’re gonna get instant access to that as well as bonus number seven, my absolute favorite, and why i want you to join, is the tube, take off tribe, community and mastermind being alone, lonely and afraid sucks.

Welcome to the warm and friendly tube takeoff tribe, this is only for you. If you want to have a monthly two-hour live zoom mastermind. You want to have a six recording of the previous mastermind calls.

You want to access the private facebook group tribe inner circle, and you want 24 7 questions and answered by me inside this group, as well as a private one hour, channel review redeemable at any time by being inside this tribe.

You are my number one priority, because your success is my success, so i cannot possibly make this easier for you to get a lot of views and sales with this youtube course and right now we have a 50 off new year’s.

Special sale: are you ready to take the 30 day youtube? Automation challenge? I hope a lot of you are hyped and ready to do this. You can see that there are two packages here, and that is the light version and the vip version and, as you can see the light version you are gonna get all that we’ve been talking about today, so you’re Gon na get all of the stuff that i’ve, been talking about you’re gonna get instant access to that right away.

Now, if you want to join the vip access, you will actually get access to the automation challenge, meaning you’ll, get my personal mentoring. You’ll, be on the call, as well as the private facebook group, only for the um coaching members starting in january, and it’s, going to be a more personal one-on-one coaching as well as you get my private email follow-up for Six months, as well as six private golden ticket one-on-one coaching sessions redeemable at any time, so i’ll, give you six golden tickets.

You can use to redeem for my time for a one hour, zoom call! If there’s, any problems or struggles that you have, i’m happy to help you out because, like i said, if you make money with this there’s, a high likelihood that you’ll share some Good words about me to other people and that’s, how i grow.

I want to build an amazing community here with people that actually get results. So right now you can get started. Just click here to become a vip and when you click on this, just remember to pick the right choice right here, so one time payment.

This is in euros pick the special vip package. If you want to join the 30-day youtube automation, challenge and mentoring, if you only want all the digital assets, you can join right now, but remember that this is going down uh in new year’s eve just at midnight est at the 31st.

It’s all going to go down there’s. Only 25 spots available, 11 out of those 25 spots, are taken, so this is gonna go fast and it’s only 25 spots, because this will take more of my time we can’t. Have you know too big of a group because then it’s, going to get all messy so only 25 spots from this so join now, while you still can – and i’ll – see you all inside in the next year – and you Know get started with one of the best strategies to get started, making money online in 2021 and we start hitting it off immediately and that’s.

Gon na be amazing. I can’t, wait to have you guys in the tribe to get started in 2021 with a bang with all you guys, you guys have been so awesome on the community. This is some way that i can give back to you guys, and i actually did this two years ago.

I never really do this four week or 30 day challenge because it takes so much of my time, but but they were in the initial beta group testing. When i started to take off you know, 1.0, three or two years ago i’ll hand.

Hold you do a lot of the work for you and make this as easy and fast as possible for you guys, because so thank you so much for watching this video go in the to get signed up today. The spots are going to get taken very fast, so jump in right now, and this lasts only two new years, but that’s.

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