Pat Flynn’s Journey to Becoming an Internet Entrepreneur

Pat Flynn's Journey to Becoming an Internet Entrepreneur

Pat Flynn has had an impressive journey in the field of affiliate marketing. This article will recount the challenges he had to face, the experiences he gained, and valuable advice for those just starting out.

Challenges: Stepping Out from Zero

In 2008, Pat Flynn faced a significant challenge when he was laid off from his architectural job. He loved his 9-to-5 job and never had any intention of leaving, but he was forced to do so due to the economic downturn and the company’s downsizing efforts.

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At the time, Pat only had a small blog (now where he kept notes for an exam he was taking, the LEED exam, which focused on green architecture and sustainable design. This blog made it easier for him to study from anywhere, share his notes with coworkers, but he never had any intention of making money from it.

However, after getting laid off and being inspired by various online business blogs and podcasts, Pat learned that thousands of people worldwide were using his blog as a resource to help them study for the LEED exam. Apparently, his website was ranking high on Google for relevant search terms, and he didn’t even know it.

From there, Pat decided to try his hand at online business. He started by adding AdSense to his blog and saw immediate results. While the earnings were not spectacular and not enough to make a living, seeing an extra $2 to $5 a day for practically doing nothing was an amazing feeling. It gave him the motivation to keep going.

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Pat Flynn's Journey to Becoming an Internet Entrepreneur

Notable Milestones and Valuable Advice

The next significant step for Pat was selling advertising space on his blog. With a substantial amount of targeted traffic (several thousand unique visitors per day), he knew he had something valuable to offer to companies. He quickly sold two 125×125 pixel ad spaces on his blog within a couple of days. While he was earning almost $600 a month from both AdSense and advertisements, it still wasn’t enough to live on.

However, Pat got serious about his endeavors and joined an online business mastermind group. This was one of the best business decisions he ever made. Thanks to this group, he decided to write an eBook study guide based on the content of his blog.

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After spending about two months writing the eBook, he launched it and earned $7,906.55 during the first month, which was beyond his expectations. The next month, he earned nearly $10,000, and after introducing an audio version of his guide, he peaked in March 2009, grossing over $30,000 in one single month.

One of the critical takeaways from Pat’s journey is the importance of giving away as much valuable information as possible. While he had reservations about selling an eBook that comprised around 90% of the same material available for free on his blog, he went through with it. Over 7,500 transactions later, he never had one person complain.

What Makes the Most Money

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Initially, creating his products was the most profitable path for Pat. Recently, his affiliate income has matched and surpassed that amount. The key difference between the two sources of income is that one comes from a product he created himself, while the other comes from products created by others. Everything else is exactly the same. Pat strives to sell or promote products that offer the highest value and that he is familiar with, as they are beneficial for his readers.

Pat Flynn's Journey to Becoming an Internet Entrepreneur

How Pat Works

Since the birth of his son about a year ago, Pat’s schedule has been determined by him. That’s the reality for parents who work from home. He works approximately four hours a day, primarily during his son’s naps or after he goes to bed at night, on various projects. Pat tries to stay focused on one project at a time, ensuring he reaches a stopping point before moving on to the next one.

Staying organized is essential, as is minimizing distractions that can hinder progress. When he finds time to work, he closes all programs and applications except the one he is working on.

The Podcast Journey

A podcast was a significant inspiration for Pat to enter the online business world. While he had the idea to host a podcast in 2008, it took until July 2010 for his podcast to go live on iTunes. Setting up a podcast is no easy task, but it’s not rocket science either.

Here’s a basic step-by-step procedure:

  1. Determine the podcast’s topic.
  2. Invest in a quality microphone.
  3. Outline a typical episode structure.
  4. Record the episode.
  5. Create a blog category for the podcast.
  6. Submit the podcast to iTunes.

Realizing “I Made It” Moments

Pat had several “I Made It” moments throughout his online journey. The first one came when he sold his first eBook, validating the effort he had put into it. Another pivotal moment was when he received a call from his former boss, who had started another company and asked Pat if he was available to work for him. Pat declined the offer because he was making more money and enjoying a better lifestyle working online from home. One of the most significant moments was when Yaro Starak asked him to share his story with his audience, an honor given Yaro’s role in inspiring Pat’s online business journey.

Pat Flynn's Journey to Becoming an Internet Entrepreneur

Success Would Have Come Sooner If…

Pat believes he would have been successful sooner if he hadn’t waited to get laid off. He had always listened to internet business podcasts and read blogs about it while working his 9-to-5 job but mainly for fun and to live vicariously through other people’s success stories. If he had believed in himself and taken action earlier, he could have achieved success sooner.

What You Should Be Focusing On

Pat’s advice to those seeking success online is to focus on what’s working. It’s easy to get distracted by things that seem to help your business or blog but don’t truly contribute to your goals. Have a clear idea of what is genuinely helping you achieve your objectives and focus on that.

Why Pat Is Successful and Why You May Not Be

When people ask Pat what they can do to succeed online, he typically advises them to ensure they offer something that adds value to the internet, whether it’s informational, educational, entertaining, or simply useful. This is how you build a long-term and potentially self-sustaining online business. Pat knows people who try to make money online using methods and “get rich quick” schemes that don’t add any value to the internet, and as a result, they fail or don’t see the results they desire.

Taking bold actions, stepping out of your comfort zone, and over-delivering are the keys to success.


Pat Flynn’s journey is an example of stepping out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself to build a successful online business. His story is evidence that with patience, determination, and the ability to connect with your audience, you can achieve success in the field of online business.


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