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Welcome to you! This is my UpViral Review, the advanced and newest version of  Wilco de Kreij!

– Have you try hard to create your own e-Business but unsuccessful?

– I know your feeeling.

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– Many people as same you.

I think, the UpViral marketing software will help you successfully!

Please read my UpViral review below with many thanks!

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Upviral Review

  • Product    : UpViral
  • Author      : Wilco de Kreij
  • Sale Page: upviral.com
  • Pricing        : $49-199 /month
  • Sales       : 25,000+
  • Bonuses  : Value $3,785

  • 9/10
    EASY TO USE - 9/10
  • 8/10
    PRICE - 8/10
  • 9/10
    AUTOMATION - 9/10
  • 9/10
    SUPPORT - 9/10
  • 8/10
    DESIGN - 8/10
  • 9/10
  • 9/10
    REWARD SYSTEM - 9/10
  • 9/10
    CONNECTION - 9/10


UpViral trusted referral marketing platform enables anyone in running effective & profitable viral marketing campaigns in minutes.

UpViral’s sweepstakes & rewards are the fastest way to grow your business online.

Pros & Cons: Details here

What is Upviral

What is Upviral

Generate traffic, grow your list and convert subscribers into customers

  1. What is UpViral
  2. UpViral’s Author – Wilco de Kreij
  3. UpViral’s Features
  4. How does it work
  5. How to begin using UpViral
  6. Pricing
  7. UpViral Review
  8. Compaire UpViral to some other
  9. Who need UpViral 
  10. Bonuses
  11. FAQs
  12. Conclusion
  13. More products of Wilco de Kreij

1. What is Upviral?

Viral Marketing is simply “word-of-mouth advertising”, taken to the next level with UpViral – one of the best marketing system today. In the digital world now, word-of-mouth advertising has evolved into viral marketing.

Upviral isn’t your standard email marketing tool, it focuses on running contests to create viral referral campaigns.

If you’re looking to obtain additional visitors to your site via a referral-based marketing strategy, Upviral could be the right choice for you.

Much like other marketing with email platforms, you can use Uprival to create marketing campaigns, deliver emails, test content, and track results.

So, what’s the essential difference between Upviral and the other tools out there? It’s what turns your established list into a constantly growing growing source of new leads.

2. The Author: Wilco de Kreij 

3. Upviral’s Features – UpViral Review 

The UpViral’s Features

Upviral’s Features

There are 3 primary activities enabled by Upviral’s features:

  1. Viral giveaways via their sweepstakes;
  2. Viral contests with sought-after rewards;
  3. Viral product launches with packed waitlists

The possibility of switching one existing lead into numerous new ones is a superb concept, and it’s what brings people to Upviral.

The Upviral referral link is the icing on the cake, it offers accountability for the visitors and guides them to the idea of transformation.

Supplying incentives gets your customers to generally share the web link with everyone they understand — they have rewarded, you can get more leads, everyone wins.

3.1. Email Automation

upviral review

Upviral give you a standard amount of email automation tools.

You can send timed/triggered emails according to users’ actions, embed social sharing buttons, and deliver multiple e-mail causes to help get more stocks.

Automated alert emails with social sharing buttons can be obtained to remind your customers to generally share the web link so that they can achieve their next objective.

With Upviral, you are able to produce long-lasting campaigns with multiple steps, triggers, and actions making use of templates while you would do anywhere else.

3.2. A/B Testing

upviral review

Split testing (A/B testing) is used by digital marketers to determine what will bring in the best results.

With Upviral, you can test nearly every element of your campaign, including:

  1. Landing pages
  2. Thank you pages
  3. Email copy

3.3. Lists into Leads

upviral review

This is what separates Upviral from the competition.

The referral links inside your existing email messages are exactly what Upviral uses to turn your list into perpetual lead sources.

Don’t be tricked by the terminology — this will be very nearly identical to an affiliate system, that will be something provided on a number of other digital marketing platforms.

3.4. Referral Link System

Using the referral link from Upviral, you can create a point-based system that offers rewards for subscribers who share it.

You can customize the contest by including the number of points they need to have and how many they get for each action they perform.

This is a great way to get people to share your content since you’re offering a reward that’s easy to understand.

upviral review

You have complete control over what rewards you offer, how much they’re worth, and what type of actions are required for the subscriber to get that reward.

You’re giving the subscribers options, which increases the chances of them taking one or the other.

You can also use Upviral’s subscriber dashboard as a way to explain your expectations and how leads can score some great rewards.

3.5. Customizable Rewards System

upviral review

With Upviral system, you can scale your rewards system.

For example, you could offer a download file for everyone who shares their referral link on social media.

If you have an eCommerce store, you could:

  1. Create a campaign to draw attention to a specific sale;
  2. Send an email blast to 500 people urging them to share a link on social media;
  3. Each person who shares the link receives a 10% off coupon code for your entire store.
3.6. Simple Setup
Automation & templates make your life hassle-free — Upviral makes this possible through:
  1. New subscriber emails – thank subscribers for inviting new leads;
  2. Welcome emails – welcome new leads and begin communication;
  3. Goal achievement emails they’ll automatically receive an email and be able to retrieve their reward;
  4. Automatic winner selection – for more significant contests and giveaways based on parameters you set;
  5. Congratulations email – take the next step towards offering winners their free reward.

upviral review

There are many custom sharing opportunities that you can tweak according to your needs:

  1. A customizable social sharing feature;
  2. Customize and control how people share their links;
  3. Customize and control the appearance of posts that people share.

This factor is very important, which means you know that your affiliates are representing your online business or website into the right means.

3.7. Robust Social Sharing

Part of what makes Upviral so powerful is the user’s ability to share their giveaways and contests on social media. Upviral makes it easy with customizable social sharing that’s optimized for different social media platforms.
upviral review

This feature includes:

  1. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Whatsapp, & Pinterest integrations;
  2. Facebook news feed optimization to increase referral tracking;
  3. Built-in rich-tweet capabilities;
  4. Complete creative control over the appearance of posts;
  5. User-selected options that make sharing easy.

A huge component of creating a viral campaign is making your offer easy to share.

If you can find too many hoops to jump through, the user will believe that your offer isn’t well worth it.

Upviral ensures you need to use social media to boost your online business

3.8. Integration

upviral review

Upviral system works with almost all Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) & list-building software, so you can move everything over without having to start over.

If you’re using an autoresponder, you can also get Upviral to work with it and send referral codes directly in your automatic emails.

These features are useful, but there’s nothing groundbreaking about them.

3.9. Automated Security and Analytics
Upviral comes with automatic fraud detection using cookies and IP tracking, so there’s no cheating or abusing the contests or giveaways.
upviral review

You can track the performance of your campaigns with Upviral’s easy-to-use dashboard that can be calibrated to include:

  1. Information on your leads;
  2. Viral campaign activity;
  3. Top influencers;
  4. Campaigns, emails, social channels, and split tests.

These advanced analytics tell you which contests and giveaways are working best, guiding your future campaigns & decisions.

3.10. Mobile Optimization
upviral review

As with almost all email marketing tools, Upviral is mobile-optimized.

Here are a few other noteworthy UpVial’s features:

  1. Easy to export data;
  2. Use your own custom domain;
  3. Complete training program;
  4. Available in all languages.

4. How Does it Work?

How Does upviral Work

At the basic level, referral marketing is old-school “word of mouth” marketing – one of the simplest and oldest forms of marketing available.

Recommendation marketing works in the same manner, but this electronic medium spreads your message to more and more people, with less work.

It’s no key that word of mouth produces leads, nonetheless it only works should you.

upviral review

upviral review

Referral Marketing Setup & Process

 UpViral – The #1 Referral Marketing Platform 

We’re going to give you an in-depth breakdown of everything you need to know to create a campaign using Upviral software.

Here’s a quick overview of how referral marketing works with Upviral:

  1. Send an email blast out to your list;
  2. Subscribers follow through & promote their unique link;
  3. New leads click the link & land on your landing page;
  4. They enter their email address on your landing page;
  5. New leads now get their own promotional link & a chance to win;
  6. The original subscriber receives an email with their reward.

You’ll face two choices as soon as you go to fire up a campaign on Upviral:

  1. Run the entire campaign on their platform;
  2. Integrate with other tools like ClickFunnels or LeadPages

The 2nd choice calls for you to mess around with code, therefore we recommend you avoid that unless you have experience.

As soon as you choose to run the campaign on Upviral, you can select templates you need and customize them to your brand.

Here are the customization options you’ll get with Upviral.

  • Landing Page

It is possible to change every information associated with the landing page and email copy. Your whole experience reminds us of that which you get with Clickfunnels.

The drag and drop features get this procedure easier – but these types of interfaces are pretty standard on all page building tools.

  • Thank-you Page

Once you have your landing page all set up, then you’ll move to the thank you page & follow the same process.

  • Social Sharing

Next, you’ll want to customize how your offers appear on social media when someone shares them.

This is certainly powerful as you can stay true to your branding – individuals share what you want, how you want it

You’re in total control associated with the post title, description, images, etc.

  • Adding Giveaways

Once you’ve created your funnel and customized everything to your liking, you’ll want to start out incorporating some benefits for individuals to receive.

You could add limitless benefits with numerous choices for people who may possibly not be thinking about one particular offer.

To setup a giveaway, merely fill out the shape and upload the reward.

We recommend you include the number of points required to have the reward and instructions on how best to make them in this form as well.

  • Automation

Now you can start creating the content you’re going to use to motivate your subscribers to get involved, such as:

  1. The email they’ll receive when they sign up;
  2. The message when they earn points;
  3. The announcement when they earn a reward.

Upviral takes care of everything as long as you plug in your chosen email triggers, steps, and automation.

You also can send personalized emails every time they earn points towards their rewards – this really helps with engagement.

5. How to begin using UpViral?

How To Create Viral contests for your business – UpViral Review 

upviral review

upviral review

6. UpViral’s Pricing

40% OFF + BONUSES VALUE $3,785


Upviral Pricing

Upviral Review Upviral Review Upviral Review

Join over 25,000+ others actively finding leads and making sales with UpViral.

Start your 14-day trial today!

videomakerfx review

7. Upviral Review

UpViral is really a option to get the business in front of individuals on the net. It could work for various sorts of businesses, such as ecommerce or offline stores. You merely need to replace the benefits you need to hand out.

As an example, in the event that you sell services and products or offer services online, it is possible to offer discounts as benefits for recommendations. If you offer digital products or run a digital agency, you are able to give you a free webinar or sample of your item.

UpViral trusted referral marketing platform enables anyone in running effective and profitable viral marketing campaigns in minutes.

UpViral’s sweepstakes & rewards are the fastest way to grow your business online.


Joe Di Siena collected 230,669 leads in less than a week and over a haft-million dollars in just 6 days

Russell Brunson uses UpViral to grow ClickFunnels

upviral review

People review UpViral – Wilco de Kreij

Let’s check out some Pros and Cons of the platform:


  1. Run contests and giveaway campaigns;
  2. Use referral marketing;
  3. Embed social sharing buttons;
  4. Integrate with your existing marketing tools.
  5. Split Testing
  6. Best for Bloggers & Podcast Hosts
  7. Best for Medical Practitioners
  8. Everything in one place
  9. True E-mail Verification
  10. Block suspicious participants from entering.
  11. Enable double opt ins to make sure you stay complaint in some jurisdictions
  12. HTML & 3rd Party Integration
  13. Add participants manually via API


  1. No web hosting & creation, sales funnels, or product sales;
  2. No affiliate program support;
  3. Pricey for its limited capabilities;
  4. More tools needed to flesh out your digital marketing suite.
  5. No built-in CRM
  6. Limited customization options

Upviral is a marketing software that works great for giveaways & contests.

The most crucial component that will figure out your success with Upviral is the quality of your services & offerings.

In the event that you don’t have an enticing offer, it doesn’t matter just how great your advertising is because no one will require what you have.

8. Compare Upviral to some other email marketing tools

Compare Upviral to some other email marketing tools

9. Who need Upviral

40% OFF + BONUSES VALUE $3,785


Upviral Pricing

Upviral Review Upviral Review Upviral Review

Start your 14-day trial today!

videomakerfx review

(Many tks for buying via my link)

10. Upviral’s Bonuses

You’ll also get these incredible bonuses worth $3,785:

  1. Viral Masterclass (an ‘A-Z’ deep-dive into how viral referral marketing works) (value $1997);
  2. Live Implementation workshop (value: $197);
  3. The Fill-in-the-Blanks Toolbox filled with high-quality graphic elements, plug & play campaign emails, checklists, and terms & conditions pages for your contests (value: $297);
  4. 5 Done-for-You campaign templates (valued at $997);
  5. Exclusive traffic training (valued at $297);
  6. 25 in-depth case studies (priceless!);
  7. Live weekly calls with UpViral experts–get your campaigns reviewed, and your questions answered live (priceless!);
  8. Facebook group filled with like-minded business owners (priceless!)

11 FAQs On Upviral Review

*UpViral be translated in other languages. You can make 100% of what is seen in opt-in pages, sharing pages, and emails customizable. You can use it in any language you want.

12. Conclusion

You realize the importance of having a simple and effective email marketing platform on your side – it’s important to any online business.

While Upviral does good job of referral marketing, it is not enough to support the rest of one’s business needs.

Overall, Upviral is an amazing and highly recommended tool for referral marketing. Upviral is a very user-friendly tool, and it can benefit your business in a great way.

Great marketing and amazing offers will make a good combination for the success of your Upviral Campaign.

Start your 14-day trial today!

videomakerfx review


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