What is Affiliate Marketing? How Affiliate Marketing Works


I’m going to talk to you about how we make money as affiliate marketers. So let’s, say, for example, you have a website around kitchen appliances and you’re, looking for a new product to promote.

Well, these instant pots are really really popular products and they’re extremely popular around Christmas time. So let’s say there’s, people out there who are looking for a new pressure cooker, okay, so people’s, doing all kinds of searches for pressure cooker, slow cooker, but they don’t know exactly What the product is they want yet, so they’re on google.

They’re on Amazon, all these places and they’re, doing searches for pressure, cookers and slow cookers, and they run across this product. Here. The instant pot du060 – and so they like this product and this product looks great okay, so they decide they’re on the edge of buying this product.

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So what do they do right before they buy well? What a lot of people will do? Is they will look up reviews on google for these products? So, for example, they will take this product here? Do a search on google and what they’ll do? Is they’ll type in the word review? As you can see here, people are searching for reviews because it’s showing up right here and if we do a search, let’s, just open up some of these websites here that pop up and see what we get okay.

So here is a website called digital trends, and if we scroll down you’re going to see, they have a basic review of it, and then they have some links here to go to Amazon, Walmart and even newegg.com. And what happens is is when people searches for reviews of this product and they come to this website and if they come down here and click on one of these links.

What is Affiliate Marketing

This is a special link that the owner of this website has that amazon or Walmart a new egg can track specifically to this user. So if the customer buys this product through this link, they know that it came from this website, and so they will send the owner of this website a paycheck for referring that person to their site to buy their product.

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And so, if we look, we can see there’s, all kinds of websites that does this because it works. So we can scroll down through here we can see there’s, another person who made a review of it. They even got some Amazon ads here if they click through on any of these links and buy products on Amazon’s, they’ll get commission for it, and here’s, a link right here.

Let me go ahead and click on this and see where it takes us okay. So this takes us to a comparison page and if we scroll down here, we’re, going to see where they have this pot right here and then they have a link here, it says, see lowest price.

Now what happens is if i click. This is going to redirect me to amazon to this product. Now you can see up here. It says tag equals my instapot, so this here is actually the affiliate id of the person who owns this website.

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What is Affiliate Marketing

So if i go ahead here and if i buy this item, amazon knows that it came from the person of this website and they’re, going to earn a commission for it, and so that’s. The way affiliates make money and by writing reviews you are getting right in front of your customer right before they buy okay, so that’s, what they call a buyer, intent keyword, so people searches for a product plus review or even product plus discount Or product plus coupon, so when you rank for those kinds of keywords, uh people’s, gonna find them right before they’re ready to purchase, they click your link and then, if they buy, you get commission for it and that’s, how we make money as affiliate marketers.

Originally posted 2021-01-20 22:31:57.


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